The Hand of Fate (Documentary)

In the summer of 2009, Sarah Jones was a pediatric surgeon hanging out with her family at their home in the country when an accident severed three of her fingers and part of her thumb. So how does a person whose work brings such a sense of purpose confront the consequences of one random moment?

Part Two of The Current

The Hand of Fate (Documentary)

Our project on Game Changers has typically looked at a person or achievement that's had long lasting impact. Dr. Sarah Jones certainly believed her personal game changing moment would be longlasting -- a permanent end to a successful career as a surgeon. And the Kingston, Ontario doctor wasn't alone in thinking she'd never operate again.

The Hand of Fate was produced by Lorenda Reddekopp.

Wednesday Mail: OxyContin

Starting Thursday, shipments of the painkiller OxyContin will be replaced with an alternate drug, Oxy-NEO that's harder to abuse. But the abrupt end to OxyContin deeply concerns some health professionals who fear a health and safety crisis as thousands of addicts go into withdrawal.

Our story earlier this week prompted some response and we shared some of our listeners' views on this topic.

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