Robo-calls: Voters misled during Federal Election

It is a tangled story with seemingly multiple threads. Opposition politicians are charging voter suppression and election fraud in their allegations that the Conservatives used Robo-calls and live phone canvassing to mislead voters. Today, one of those who made some of the phone calls admits she thought something was amiss with what she was doing.

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It's Tuesday February 28th.

The robo-call scandal continues to grow as reports of voter-suppression calls pour in from more ridings across Canada.

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Robo-calls: Voters misled during Federal Election - Call Centre

The House of Commons was rocked with more controversy yesterday as the NDP and Liberals continued to attack the Conservatives over the so-called "robo-calls" controversy, and allegations that some voters were misled during the last federal election about where to cast ballots. They say voters in as many as 40 ridings may have been targetted for voter suppression.

The RCMP has executed a search warrant at the Edmonton-based call firm involved. And the House passed a motion urging all MPs to assist the Mounties in the investigation.

Annette Desgagne worked at a Thunder Bay, Ontario call centre operated by Responsive Marketing Group during the 2011 vote. The company had been hired by the Conservative Party. Annette Desgagne says she became concerned after some voters reported they had been given the wrong information about where to vote. She was in Thunder Bay.

Robo-calls: Voters misled during Federal Election - Election Candidate

Anthony Rota was the Liberal Member of Parliament for Nipissing-Timiskaming for three terms, from 2004 to 2011. He lost last year's election by just 18 votes to Conservative Jay Aspin. Mr. Rota says his 2011 election team received complaints of unusual telephone calls. He joined us from his home in North Bay, Ontario.

Robo-calls: Voters misled during Federal Election - Dean Del Mastro

Not surprisingly, the robo-calls had Conservative MPs on their feet in yesterday's Question Period. And nobody was on his feet more often then the parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister -- Dean Del Mastro. And Dean Del Mastro joined us from our Ottawa studio.

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