NDP Leadership Hopeful: Peggy Nash

She began as a booking agent for Air Canada, joined the union and eventually rose to the highest ranks of the labour movement. Peggy Nash would negotiate some the Canadian Auto Workers most significant agreements. Now she's in the race for the leadership of the NDP. Our conversation with NDP candidates continues with Peggy Nash.

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NDP Leadership Hopeful: Peggy Nash

We started this segment with a clip from Peggy Nash at the NDP's latest leadership debate in Winnipeg over the weekend. Seven contenders remain in the race for the NDP's top job. Today we continue our coverage of the leadership race with Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto. She began her working life as a booking agent for Air Canada and quickly climbed the ranks of her local union. She went on to be a leader and negotiator with the Canadian Auto Workers.

Peggy Nash is also a founding member of Equal Voice, an all-party organization advocating for the election of more women in Canada. She was wooed to the party by Jack Layton, and was first elected to Parliament in 2006 and then again in 2011. She has served as NDP Finance Critic, Industry Critic and party president. Peggy Nash was in Toronto.

We'll be speaking with other candidates next week, in the lead up to the NDP leadership convention in March.

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This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson.

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