Thursday's Checking-In

It's time to check-in on the stories that moved you this week from suicide among seniors, to the temperature raising potential of coal over oilsands, to the loss of Syrian and Western journalists whose sudden deaths leave us without the critical perspective to understand a growing crisis in that middle eastern country.

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Thursday's Checking - In

Oil Sands vs. Coal: Tuesday on The Current, world renowned scientist Andrew Weaver told us that burning all the coal in the world would do far more damage to the environment than burning all the bitumen in the oil sands. This, on the eve of a key vote in the European Union on the oil sands. This segment prompted many of you to weigh in with your thoughts.

The Boy with the Past: We aired a short clip of Sharon Pederson from a documentary which we aired in September of last year called Motherhood Interrupted and it was produced by The Current's Kathleen Goldhar who joined us in studio to talk about a letter we received by Sharon.

Earlier this month we aired Aziza Sindhu's documentary The Boy with the Past and this documentary inspired Sharon Pederson to do something she had avoided for decades. Sharon decided to call the father of her child. They hadn't spoken since she was sent to Victoria to have the baby. Sharon Pederson was in Victoria, B.C. to share her story.

Left Behind: Suicide at any age is painful for families but on Monday we heard about seniors and suicide and we heard the story as told from the viewpoint of an adult child whose parent took his own life. We got some very heartfelt responses to this story. And shared a few.

Journalist Marie Colvin: We aired one of the last reports filed by Marie Colvin from the besieged Syrian city of Homs. She was killed during the fighting there yesterday. The BBC's Lyse Doucet was a colleague and close friend of Marie Colvin. She joined us by phone from London. e had made that announcement earlier and was simply reiterating her plan.

Correction: Students at McGill University staged a five-day sit-in to protest what they say is the university's disregard for the results of a student referendum vote. But that protest incited a backlash from more than two thousand students who united to disagree. On Friday, we weighed the pressures of protesting on campus.

In our segment, we mentioned that McGill University's principal Heather Munroe-Blum announced last week that she would leave the position in 2013. In fact, she had made that announcement earlier and was simply reiterating her plan.

Friday: Piya Chattopadhyay will be a familiar voice to many of you listening. She's back this week as The Current's Friday Host and she joined Anna Maria in studio to tell us what's in store for tomorrow.

Vikileaks: And finally ...Canada's Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has been under fire of late. Last week on The Current we discussed the fallout from his introduction of bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act. It would give authorities easier access to Canadians' personal on-line data...many say: too much access. Well that story got at least one of you reaching out to us - via the telephone ... a specific First Time Caller.

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