An Exploration of Dating Online

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Stats show about 1 in 5 new romantic relationships these days get their start online and for same-sex couples, that number jumps to more than 60 percent. Yes, online dating has changed the way we look for and find love. So on this Valentine's Day, as part of The Current's project Game Changer, we're devoting the whole show to an exploration of dating online.

PT 1: How internet changed the dating game Online dating changed the game of love forever because it is now the second most common way that relationships start. We'll speak with two Canadian business leaders who led the charge and made millions. (Read More)

PT 2: Science of Online Dating We also take a look at the science of matchmaking. Many online dating sites claim to have cracked the compatibility code, making true love as simple as filling out a questionnaire. We'll have a debate between an anthropologist who designed one of those questionnaires, and from a psychologist who doubts you can find love by checking a box. (Read More)

PT 3: Online Dating - New Technology, Old Tradition And hear about online dating sites that link tradition with the web and ask whether or not that's a good thing. It seems matchmaking traditions die hard, even in the digital age. (Read More)

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