Dr. Agus with a cure to end illness

What is David Agus trying to tell us? The outspoken U.S. oncologist argues that we can bring an end to the illnesses that plague us with regular eat/sleep patterns, a few key pharmaceuticals and a plan to toss out high heels. Dr. David Agus, author of The End of IllnessThe End of Illness explains.

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Dr. Agus with a cure to end illness

Medical science has made such huge strides in fighting disease, it's not ridiculous to wonder if some day it might defeat -- ALL disease. Our next guest believes it is possible for people to live healthy into very old age. Doctors won't do ALL the heavy-lifting. We're going to have to consciously try to live healthy lives. And Dr. David Agus has some ideas of what that means.

Dr. Agus is a prominent oncologist, well known for treating Lance Armstrong, Steve Jobs and U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. He's also a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California. His new book is called The End of Illness, and David Agus joined us from Culver City, California.

This segment was produced by The Current's Chris Wodskou.

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