Organ Trafficking in Kosovo

Police believe many poor people who visit Kosovo often leave the country with much less than they arrived with. Many are missing -- an internal organ. We speak with a Canadian prosecutor who's leading the fight against organ trafficking in Kosovo.

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Organ Trafficking in Kosovo

We started this segment with a clip from from news coverage of a high-profile case of apparent organ trafficking in Kosovo. It all began in 2008 when a young Turkish man collapsed at the Pristina Airport. He told authorities that someone had stolen his kidney. He led police to the Medicus clinic. Police now believe the clinic to be the hub of an organ trafficking ring.

Seven people are standing trial, including a former government health official. They're accused of luring impoverished Russians, Moldovans and Turks to sell their kidneys with promises of big cash pay outs. Authorities say the promises were false. But there is lots of cash involved. The police believe the clinic received up to $200,000 per operation from foreigners willing to pay for a new organ.

Jonathan Ratel is spearheading the case against the accused. He is a Canadian lawyer serving as the special prosecutor for the European Union. He joined us from Pristine Kosovo.

This segment was produced by Josh Bloch.

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