Old Age Security Changes

Today we're talking about Old Age Security that right now kicks in at age 65. The Prime Minister made hints while in Davos, the NDP's making motions in the house and some getting closer to 65 are wondering where this is going?

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It's Thursday February 2nd.

Four men appearing an English court have admitted to planning to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

Currently, police were surprised to find out none of the men were actually investors.

This is The Current.

Old Age Security Panel

We started this segment with a clip from Prime Minister Harper speaking in Davos, and surprising many people with the suggestion there were changes coming for Old Age Security. And today, the NDP is proposing a motion to protect such pension payments. It will be debated in the House today. The government's own website calls OAS one of the cornerstones of the retirement income system.

The monthly income supplement is available to nearly all Canadians over the age of 65 -- although it's clawed back for higher income earners. The Conservatives have not offered details but there are suspicions the eligibility age for receiving OAS would rise from 65 to 67 eventually, thought the government says any chance would not affect those now receiving OAS.

Today, we wanted to hear from three people about what that might mean to those who could be affected in the future. Wayne MacNaughton is an anti-poverty activist. He wa in Halifax. Adina Lebo is the Chair of the Toronto chapter of Canadian Association of Retired Persons. She was in Toronto. And Linda Silas is the president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. She was in Ottawa.

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