Sleep Paralysis

It is an overpowering fear. You feel you are awake but immobile. Millions of people experience a sleep disorder called Sleep Paralysis. And sometimes with it comes what Newfoundlanders call, The Old Hag. The Current's Howard Goldenthal brings us a documentary on the realities of The Paralysing Night.

Part Two of The Current

Sleep Paralysis

Tonight, as Canadians pull up the covers and lay down to sleep, some will be reluctant to put their head on the pillow. While most of us expect a quick visit from The Sandman, many people will be worried the Old Hag will take his place. The Hag is the personification of a sleeping condition that traps some people in a waking nightmare. It's estimated 20 to 30 percent of healthy people will experience this terrifying sleep disorder at least once.

The Current's Howard Goldenthal shines a light on this unsettling story in his documentary, The Paralysing Night.

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