The Trouble with Renting - Marketplace

Renters in Canada often have to live in subpar and unhealthy conditions because the rental market is so tight and big landlords are more focused on investor return than in being responsive to the needs of tenants.

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The Trouble with Renting - Marketplace

We started this segment with an ad for Heron Gate Village, an apartment and townhouse rental complex in Ottawa. The promises made there would be music to the ears of the roughly one-third of Canadian households that rent their homes. Even though there are local and provincial laws meant to protect tenants, the promises made by property owners don't always square with the reality renters end up facing.

Our colleagues at CBC Television's Marketplace have been looking into the rental properties owned by one big Canadian company and they have found a raft of problems from leaks and mold to broken windows and an unresponsive landlord. Tom Harrington is co-host of Marketplace and he was in Toronto.

You can see his full report called Trouble for Rent tonight at 8 o'clock on CBC Television ... 8:30 pm in Newfoundland and parts of Labrador.

Point of View - Aging out of Foster Care

There are about 85-thousand young people in Canada who fall under the care of children's aid societies. Depending on where you live, between the ages of 16 and 21, the young person "ages out" and they are ruled out of the foster care and group home system. Yesterday, we heard how this can toss these young people into poverty, homelessness or even jail. We read a few comments on this from our inbox. Thanks for writing!

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