Joe Oliver on the Northern Gateway pipeline

They clearly think they've been tarred on the subject of Oil Sands. Individuals and groups are lining up to share their views at hearings on the proposed Gateway Pipeline from Alberta through B.C. Today, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver on his choice of the word Radical and his support for courting Asian energy markets.

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It's Wednesday January 18th.

Vancouver police are calling for charges to be laid against 20 more people suspected of participating in the Stanley Cup riot last June.

Currently, the NHL added that there wouldn't be so much rioting if there weren't so many laws against police brutality.

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Joe Oliver on the Northern Gateway pipeline

We started this segment with a clip with how Prime Minister Stephen Harper framed the discussion around the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline during his interview with Peter Mansbridge on The National on Monday.

The National Energy Board hearings into the proposed pipeline continue this week in B.C., and the controversy -- about whether to approve the pipeline and who should get a say in the debate -- is echoing across the country.

Joe Oliver is the cabinet minister at the centre of the debate. He is Canada's Natural Resources Minister and he calls the proposed pipeline a nation builder. Joe Oliver was in our Toronto studio.

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