Moving forward after the Liberal Convention

The Federal Liberals want back in the game. Shunted into third party status in the last election, the expectation coming out of this weekend's party convention is that their brand new party president will be the key to help a hobbled party rebuild.

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It's Monday, January 16th.

According to a new ad from Newt Gingrich, the reasons to distrust Mitt Romney include the fact that he speaks French.

Currently, it gets worse ... Romney is also rumoured to have read a book.

This is The Current.

Moving forward after the Liberal Convention

We started this segment with newly-elected Liberal Party President Mike Crawley and Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae, both sounding decidedly upbeat at the conclusion of the federal party's policy convention yesterday.

But there's no escaping the fact that Liberals have a lot of work to do. Once known as the "Natural Governing Party of Canada," the Liberals are now in a deep, some say existential, crisis. The party is in third place in the House of Commons for the first time in its history with the lowest percentage of the popular vote it has ever registered. But despite the challenges, many Liberals see an opportunity. The only question is: What's the best way forward?

That question was at the centre of this weekend's convention. Gerard Kennedy is a former Liberal MP who ran for the party's leadership in 2006. He was in Toronto. And Susan Delacourt is senior political writer for The Toronto Star. She was in Ottawa

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