The Current in Whitehorse - Day 1

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Pt 1: Judge Barry Stuart on Bill C-10

Away from the river and up the hill they've built a new prison, twice as big as the old one, all set to open in a few weeks just as the Harper government moves closer to bringing in a new crime bill that will impose tougher minimum sentences. Advocates for restorative justice, especially as it is practiced here in the North, worry the changes under Bill C-10 will backfire. (Read More)

Pt 2: The Fatherless African-American Family

In aboriginal families across Canada, and in African American families in the U.S., too many children know only one parent. On tomorrow's show, we'll bring you our Town Hall, Fathers without fathers: Aboriginal men in Canada. It's not an issue we talk about much but in the U.S., it's much studied and there are efforts to encourage dads to come home. Today we're looking south to the African-American experience and the stark contrast in homes with and without fathers. (Read More)

Pt 3: Yukon Mining Game Changer, Shawn Ryan

In the old days, they panned the rivers and creeks north of here for the gold flakes that sent so many scurrying to the Klondike. Today, we'll introduce you to prospector Shawn Ryan whose low-tech weed extractor and high-tech mapping has pinpointed the Gold many thought was Gone. He now owns 20-percent of all the mineral claims in the Territory. Not bad for a guy with no formal geology training who came here to pick mushrooms. (Read More)

Listen to our Town Hall in Whitehorse: Fathers without Father 

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