Terence McKenna shares stories from a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

CBC journalist Terence McKenna is just back from a visit to the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey. He heard from average citizens, business owners and even soldiers that Syria has become so terrifying, even a tent in a Turkish field promises a better life. We'll hear some eyewitness accounts from a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey.

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Terence McKenna shares stories from a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

For months, the world has relied on grainy cell phone videos as its primary window on the violence in Syria. The regime of Bashar Al Assad is believed to have killed thousands of people as it tries to retain power... in the face of anti-government protests that appear to have turned into an outright revolt. It's hard to know for sure the extent of the violence as it's so difficult to get reliable information out of Syria.

The CBC's Terence McKenna has just returned from the Turkish-Syrian border, where he spoke with many Syrian refugees about what has been happening in their country.

Terence McKenna's documentary Syria: Faces of Revolution will be on The National tonight at 10 o'clock on CBC Television. He was in Montreal.

Terry will be online for a live chat today at 1 pm Eastern Time. If you have a question, go to cbc.ca/syriachat to ask him personally.

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