Mind Reading Technology

What if the government or anyone else could read your mind? Wait for it .. the potential is fast approaching. We are moving from the sci-fi on the silver screen to the reality on the MRI machine. The research and results are so advanced that at least one ethicist is already calling for protected privacy zones in our skulls.

Part Two of The Current

Mind Reading Technology

Over the years, Hollywood has had a lot of fun imagining what the world would be like if we could peer into each others' brains and read each others' thoughts. But now new research is showing that we are able to interpret brain activity accurately and reliably enough, that the idea of mind-reading doesn't seem nearly as far fetched as it used to.

The Current's Gord Westmacott has been looking into some of the research and he joined Anna Maria to tell us us more.

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Adult Virginity Letter

If you were tuned in yesterday, you may have heard our conversation with three adult virgins about their personal choices, and the stigma they face. It prompted Rachel Doyle to write to us and we shared her thoughts.

We'll be checking into our inbox again on tomorrow's show.

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