The bubbly is chilling and the corks are ready to be popped. For many-- champagne's in vogue and beer's a bust when ringing in the New Year. Yet the suds are the most popular alcoholic beverage in this country. We're serving up Beer with the editor of the Oxford Companion to Beer and a tour of the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto.

Part Three of The Current

Beerology - Mill Street Brewery Tour

Hmmm, beer nog. Well, perhaps some inventions really are ahead of their time. Still, experimentation is alive and well at the Mill Street Brewery in Toronto. We decided to head down there -- hop down there? -- to see what was brewing. Piya went on a tour.


Tomorrow night, many people will be toasting the arrival of 2012 with that other alcoholic drink, Champagne. So why is it that beer is not the bubbly of choice on New Year's eve.

Garrett Oliver knows a whole lot about beer. He is the Brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery. He is also the editor of the ,. He was in New York.

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Last Word - The Voice on 2011

It's been an unforgettable year for us at The Current, and we wish you the best in 2012. For today's Last Word, The Voice has been reflecting on the year that was but really can't decide if it ever should be brought to mind:

I don't know what kind of a year you've had -- because frankly, I don't know what kind of a year I'VE had.
I was delighted by the Arab spring -- and then they started counting the bodies.
I was astonished how fast the Japanese rebuilt after the tsunami , but what about the radiation?.
I used to like hockey, now all I see are big guys giving each other concussions.
When Norwegians started shooting each other, I realized my terrorism worries were far too constrained.
I'm reserving my opinion on the Conservative majority -- but I was mighty sad about Jack.
I was excited by the shuttle launch and then depressed I'll never see one again
I admit it -- I danced when bin Laden and Gaddafi and Kim and Clifford Olson left us -- and then I felt terrible for cheering anyone's death.
I liked the Royal wedding, but it was long. And what's with the Pippa bashing?
So now it's almost 2012 and I worry whether the Mayan prophets were right.
Or... should I worry they were wrong?

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