After the Storm (Documentary Repeat)

The vast majority of Canadians who have a stroke will survive. But only 10 per cent will make a full recovery. The aftermath of a stroke can be difficult physically and emotionally. And it can be very trying on loved ones as well. Our documentary today looks at life after a stroke.

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After the Storm (Documentary Repeat)

About every ten minutes in this country, someone endures a terrible medical crisis. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada and for the 90 percent of people who survive, their lives are never the same. Most strokes are caused by blood clots that starve the brain of blood. The consequences are unpredictable -- but strokes can change personalities

Today, as part of our Game Changer project, The Current's producer Kristin Nelson brings us a story of one couple forever changed by stroke. You are about to meet Joe & Shirley Newton from Toronto. Joe had a stroke 12 years ago when he was 51. In his case, it mostly affected his right frontal lobe - an area important for social interactions. Joe has made a significant recovery but he is a different person. Kristin Nelson's documentary is called After the Storm. It first aired in October.

After this documentary first ran in October, many of you wrote in with your own stories. We read a couple letters, one from Shelley Ruiters in Saskatoon and another from Kenneth Vardy from Caledonia, Ontario.

From the Embers Promo

It has been a year of revolt in the Arab world... uprisings that first began in Tunisia caught on like a contagion. And next week, as part of our Game Changer project, we'll look at the life and death of the man many believe first rang the bell for the Arab awakening.

Mohamed Bouazizi was a poor fruit seller and Piya spoke with his family in Tunisia - including his mother - for her documentary, From the Embers. We aired a preview The full documentary will air on The Current next week.

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