Motherhood Interrupted (Documentary Repeat)

We re-broadcast a documentary about a time in Canada when women's work meant getting married, pregnant and raising children at home. But if you were a single mother -- you weren't cut out for the job. Many women were forced to give up their children. Now, decades later, they want accountability.

Part Two of The Current

Motherhood Interrupted (Documentary Repeat)

Young, single and pregnant. It can be a terribly stressful time for a woman. These days, most Canadian women have options. Fifty years ago, women were also told they had options.

But abortion was a criminal offence and social workers, doctors and the government all believed they knew what was best and it wasn't for mother and child to try to make it as a family.

The Current's Kathleen Goldhar heard from a number of mothers who say they were forced to give up their newborns.

For years, these women thought they were alone. But they've slowly opened up about their experiences. They want answers, and are even asking the federal government for an inquiry into the practices of their social workers and doctors. Motherhood Interrupted first aired on The Current in September.

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