Breathing with Sandra (Documentary Repeat)

We re-broadcast a documentary about giving and receiving the gift of life. Organ donors and recipients are often strangers who--by law--aren't allowed to get to know one another. But that's about to change in one Canadian province.

Part Two of The Current

Breathing with Sandra (Documentary Repeat)

The organ donation program not only save lives, it can soften the grief of people who know a part of their loved one continues to live and helps someone else survive. Still, donor families rarely get a "thank you". While some countries allow donor families and recipients to exchange information and even meet, in Canada, it's prohibited. Nova Scotia, however, is planning legislation that would allow communication between donor families and recipients -- if each agrees.

It can be an emotional minefield of course, but very occasionally, there are barriers that are broken and these two groups do come together. Today, we bring you a rare story of one such a meeting. Aziza Sindhu's documentary is called Breathing with Sandra. It first aired on The Current on October 18th.

The Government of Nova Scotia is changing its Organ and Tissue Donation Act to allow an information exchange between donor families and recipients, if both parties consent. The new legislation is unprecedented in Canada and should come into effect sometime in the new year.

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