Letters: Bullying in the schoolyard & in the NHL

His point is simple, the brain can't take it. The Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Medical Association Journal has added his voice to those calling for an end to hockey violence that results in hits to the head. We hear from him and read your thoughts on some of the stories of the week.

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Letters: Bullying in the schoolyard & in the NHL

Thursday is our day to reflect back on the week that was here at The Current. And regular guest host Piya Chattopadhyay joined Anna Maria in studio to read your thoughts on what you heard. Piya will be hosting all next week.

Anti-Bullying Legislation: The story that filled the inbox this week was Ontario's proposed anti-bullying law. The bill would allow schools to expel bullies and also force school boards to accept gay-straight alliance clubs.

Proponents of the bill, including Premier Dalton McGuinty, say an acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered kids is an important step to stop bullying. But last Thursday, Jack Fonseca told us the bill is an assault on traditional Catholic values. He represents Campaign Life Catholics, a national organization that self-describes as protecting traditional Catholic values. His views prompted a lot of heat out there. We read a few letters and shared some thoughts from our voicemail as well.

In our conversation with Jack Fonseca, he directly questioned Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's adherence to Catholicism. We decided that Premier McGuinty should be given the chance to respond. We put in an interview request for him, but he was unavailable this morning.

But last week, outside a school in Aurora, Ontario, he told reporters he wasn't troubled that some critics of the legislation were calling him a bad Catholic. We aired a clip of him defending his support - as a Catholic - of new anti-bullying legislation that promotes gay-straight alliances in schools.

As we said, the premier was unavailable to join us today. But his Minister of Education, Laurel Broten, is. She was in Toronto.

Fighting in the NHL:There has been a lot of fighting in the NFL. There have also been a lot of concussions, a lot of headlines, and lots of people weighing in on the use of violence and headshots in professional hockey. This week, another branch of the medical establishment joined the fray with an editorial in The Canadian Medical Association Journal. Rajendra Kale is the interim Editor-in-Chief of the CMA Journal and the author of its current Editorial entitled Stop The Violence And Play Hockey. He joined us from Ottawa.

The Decline of the West: Historian Neil Ferguson outlines what he calls six killer apps that made the west rise to the top. Competition, science, rule of law, consumerism, modern medicine and the work ethic -- are what he believes propelled the west to achieve economically, politically and socially. But now, he sees the west losing faith in these pillars as countries such as China and India quickly adapt and learn. Historian Neil Ferguson is the author of Civilization: The West and the Rest. His thesis prompted Stephane Menu of Kitchener, Ontario to write in with his thoughts.

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