Meet a former paralympian who is now an able-bodied Olympic-hopeful

She was 13 when a simple operation went inexplicably wrong and she found herself unable to walk. But Monique Van de Vorst concentrated on what she could do becoming a paralympic athlete, excelling at handcycling. Still she was beset by random events that injured her further, she was hit by a car, then hit by a bike and then one day she experienced some feeling in her feet and 12 years after being paralyzed, she was re-learning to walk.

Part Two of The Current

Monique Va Der Vorst: a former paralympian & an Olympic-hopeful

World class athletes amaze at many levels, but Monique Van Der Vorst has really raised the bar for astonishment. The paralympian cyclist was partially paralyzed early in her life, but trained hard and managed to become Dutch disabled athlete of the year in 2009.

Then, another serious accident injured her further, and threatened her life. But today, Monique Van Der Vorst is not only alive, her paralysis has disappeared, and she's out of the wheelchair she used for almost 13 years.

Now, she's training with an elite women's cycling team, and plans on being in Rio de Janiero for the 2016 Olympics. Doctors have no explanation for the reversal of Monique's paralysis. And she doesn't get it either. Monique Van Der Vorst joined us from Amsterdam.

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