Sayonara Kyoto Accord

Well he did it. Peter Kent killed Canada's Kyoto commitment and his critics say that's catastrophic. The Conservatives never hid their dislike for the deal. And they insist they are still moving ahead on emissions reductions. Today, we hear from Environment Minister Peter Kent. But we also hear from those critics.

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It's Wednesday, December 14th.

Canada has formally withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol.

On the upside, all the government's excuses are recycled.

This is The Current.

Sayonara Kyoto Accord

On Monday, Canada announced it was formally bowing out of the Kyoto Protocol - the only legally binding international treaty aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

And while it was called the worst-kept secret in climate politics, the withdrawal still shocked many around the world. China's official news agency called it preposterous and irresponsible. India said it would jeopardize gains made just days ago. And the United Nations' climate chief called the announcement regrettable and surprising. Here at home, the decision is - not so surprisingly - the talk of Parliament Hill.

We talk to Environment Minister Peter Kent shortly about his government's decision to withdraw from Kyoto. But first, we were joined by NDP environment critic Megan Leslie, Liberal environment critic Kirsty Duncan and Green Party leader Elizabeth May. They were all in Ottawa today.

Sayonara Kyoto Accord

For the government's perspective on this, we were joined by Peter Kent. He is Canada's Environment Minister and he was in Ottawa.

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