Ethical Oil

As our Environment Minister prepares to make the Ethical Oil argument at a climate change conference hostile to Alberta's Oilsands, we're asking about the concept of labeling oil ... Ethical. Are you supporting the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia if you tar Alberta's oilsands?

Part Two of The Current

Ethical Oil - Kathryn Marshall / Andrew Crane

We started this segment with a commercial made by that created a few waves in Canada, and really got Saudi Arabia fired up. The suggestion that its oil was unethical had the kingdom's lawyers sending cease and desist letters to media companies and Canada's advertising regulator.

It's an issue almost as inflammatory as the oilsands themselves: is the product of the oilsands more virtuous because Canada is more virtuous than other oil producers?

The term ethical oil was popularized by Ezra Levant's book by the same name. And this week at the climate conference in Durban, Environment Minister Peter Kent is expected to defend Canada's oil as ethical.

Kathryn Marshall is the spokesperson for the website, and she joined us from our Calgary studio. Andrew Crane is the George R. Gardiner Professor of Business Ethics at York University in Toronto.

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