First Ladies of the RCMP - The history of women in the force

The RCMP was one of the last major police forces in the world to admit women to its ranks in 1974. It took another 16 years for them to get the same Red Serge uniform that is so symbolic of RCMP pride. CBC Producer, Yvonne Gall brings us the story of the first generation of women to change the game in policing in the RCMP.

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First Ladies of the RCMP - The history of women in the force

It's a good thing the crime rate is falling because the new boss of the RCMP has plenty of things to worry about: low morale, allegations of systemic sexual harassment and the force's tarnished reputation. Cynics believe the problems are so entrenched, they're beyond the new commissioner's abilities to fix. There was a time, not so long ago, when nothing seemed too difficult for the men in red serge.

Still, the men of the mounties were eventually to meet the feminists of the 60s and things had to change. But they took their sweet time. The Mounties were one of the last police forces in the world to welcome female officers. So the 32 women inducted into the force in 1974 were Game Changers of the first rank.

Vancouver CBC producer, Yvonne Gall's documentary is called First Ladies of the RCMP

Jane Hall who is featured in this documentary has a book called: The Red Wall: A Woman in the RCMP, published by General Store Publishing House.

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