Access to abortions in PEI

Women in Prince Edward Island who want to terminate their pregnancy have to go somewhere else to do it. There is no abortion service on the island, and the government has no plans for change. But a group of women in Prince Edward Island are lobbying for access to abortion.

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Access to abortions in PEI - Kandace Hagen / Colleen MacQuarrie

In Prince Edward Island, a group of women is advocating for something other Canadian women take for granted. PEI is the only province where legal abortions are not performed. Anyone wanting to terminate a pregnancy must travel off the island, typically to Fredericton or Halifax. We played a clip with what some people in Charlottetown had to say about this issue yesterday.

The provincial government in PEI will fund an abortion out of province but only if a woman has a referral from two doctors. The PEI Reproductive Rights Organization, is hoping to change that, by launching a campaign this week. Kandace Hagen is part of that group. And Colleen MacQuarrie is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department of the University of Prince Edward Island. They were both in our studio in Charlottetown.

We did request an interview with PEI's Health minister Doug Currie, but his office said in an email:

There have not been any policy changes related to abortion services and this has not been an issue locally, so I don't think we have anything to add at this point.

However, last night at the provincial legislature, our CBC legislative reporter Brendan Elliot caught up with the minister. We aired part of his interview with Doug Currie.

CBC reporter Brendan Elliott has covered the legislature in PEI for 9 years, and says he can't recall abortion ever being an issue that the government or opposition has raised.

Access to abortions in PEI - Ann Marie Tomlins

Ann Marie Tomlins is a board member with the Prince Edward Island Right to Life Association. She was in Montague, PEI.

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