Economic Crisis in Greece

The English lexicon is full of words derived from classical Greek ... dilemma, toxic, tragedy and apocalypse. These are just some words that best describes the situation facing Greece today. As the country's economy teeters on the edge, and its citizens and political system face major upheavals, we check in with two guests in Greece to try to get a handle on the mood and the direction of the country.

Today's Friday host is Jim Brown in Calgary.

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It's Friday, November 4th.

In a bid to compete with Starbucks, Tim Horton's is joining McDonald's in offering high end coffees like lattes, espressos and americanos.

Currently, it's unclear who will win the coffee wars, but chances are, it won't be the coffee farmer.

This is The Current.

Economic Crisis in Greece - Stefanos Manos

If this Greek drama didn't feature real people with real problems facing real desperation, it might seem comic. This week, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou single-handedly spun the global economy into a frenzy. Even his own finance minister was surprised when Papandreou announced plans to hold a referendum on a complex deal aimed at helping Greece with its debts.

After a public scolding at an emergency meeting of European and G20 leaders, Papandreou backed down on his plan to hold a vote. But this drama is still just in act One. Greece's financial woes remain. Its future and the future of the Eurozone look troubled.

Stefanos Manos knows precisely what it's like to be called on to solve these kinds of problems. He was Greece's Finance Minister in 1992 and 1993. He is now the President of the Drasi Party and he was in Athens.

Economic Crisis in Greece - Kostas Panagopolus

We started this segment with some voices from Athens.

Few people know more about the Greek mood right now than Kostas Panagopolus. He is the managing director of ALCO pollsters, the country's leading polling company. He was in Athens.

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