The Occupy protesters are often clear what they oppose - but not what they propose. We look at one suggestion some people see as an alternative to corporations, a fairer way to run a business.

Part Two of The Current

Co-Operatives - Dame Pauline Green

Few doubt the determination of the Occupy Wall street protesters. They're furious with the conduct of corporations and the way banks dominate the economy. They are, however, far from united on the alternatives. We aired some commercials for big co-operatives. Welch's fruit juice, Ocean Spray, Desjardins Insurance and Britain's grocery store giant The Co-operative Group are all co-operatives.

This week the UN declared 2012 the International Year of the Co-op. Dame Pauline Green is the President of the International Co-operative Alliance. She kicked off the year with her speech earlier this week to the General Assembly. Today Dame Pauline Green was in our London studio.

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