Art collector makes B.C. art public

The Occupy Vancouver protesters are camped outside the city's art gallery because it's a nice, central green space. A Vancouver art collector, Michael Audain believes Canadians should care more about the arts and opens his vast collection to public view. He says keeping his collection of rare and valuable BC art to himself would be selfish.

Part Three of The Current

Art Collector - Michael Audain

We started this segment with some tape from curator Ian Thom talking about the latest exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Two floors of the building are filled with the private collection of Michael Audain and his wife Yoshiko Karasawa.

Michael Audain is the Chairman of Polygon Homes - a major homebuilder in BC. But for many years, his driving passion has been art collecting. And his collecting has helped repatriate a lot of the art and artifacts others had taken out of British Columbia. These objects have been on the walls and shelves of Audain's home, but he was recently convinced to share them with the public. Michael Audain joined us from our studio in Vancouver.

Shore, Forest and Beyond: Art from the Audain Collection is on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery until the end of January.

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Last Word - Emily Carr

We heard today about Michael Audain's art collection, on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery. As he said, the work of Emily Carr features prominently. Carr's work touches many Canadians profoundly -- but it sure wasn't always that way. Last Word today goes to Ian Thom, a Senior Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery.I

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