Craig Oliver

His is a classic tale of the hardscrabble childhood and the chance offer to try a job. In Craig Oliver's case, it was a radio job, a tiny CBC affiliate that set him on the path that would make him one of Canada's pre-eminent broadcast journalists. From Diefenbaker right through to Harper he's covered 10 prime ministers and the rough and tumble politics that has shaped this country for more than five decades.

Part Two of The Current

Craig Oliver

We started this segment with then-CBC reporter Craig Oliver caught in the fevered grip of a cattle auction in Regina Saskatchewan. That was April 17, 1961. In the half century since then, he has been involved in covering every federal election in this country, and reported on ten prime ministers.

Craig Oliver has risen to become one of Canada's most recognized broadcasters. He is the chief parliamentary correspondent for CTV news and his new book is Oliver's Twist: The Life and Times of an Unapologetic Newshound. Craig Oliver was in our Toronto studio.

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