Thailand Flood

The flood waters of Thailand are diluting economic expectations and distilling political frustrations. Three weeks of rising waters, laden with everything from snakes to toxins have closed 100s of factories and endangered more than a million people as a new Prime Minister tries to navigate the political channels of this ongoing natural disaster. We bring you the latest.

Part Two of The Current

Thailand Flood - Michael McAuliffe

We started this segment with the sound of dozens of soldiers and workmen throwing down sandbags yesterday to keep fast-flowing floodwaters at bay in a residential neighbourhood of Bangkok. Thailand's capital appears to have been spared the worst of the flooding that has ravaged the country.

The city centre remains dry today. But parts of the city were hit, 6 districts had to be evacuated. And of course, other parts of the country are in desperate condition. A third of Thailand remains submerged by flooding that has left nearly 400 dead - and as many as millions of others displaced.

For an update on the situation, we were joined by Michael McAuliffe. He is a freelance reporter based in Bangkok and he was there this morning.

Thailand Flood - Darren Swanson

We heard a bit earlier from Darren Swanson - program leader at the Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development. He says that the region is vulnerable to flooding, and will likely experience more extreme weather in future. But he also says officials are getting ready for it.

Thailand Flood - Matthew Cochrane

There may be a lot of thought going into long term solutions, but there are immediate needs in Thailand. Matthew Cochrane is the south-east Asia communication manager for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He was in Bangkok.

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