Rick Mercer on Bullying Gay Teens

You may think of him as one of the funniest men in Canada. He rants, rushing by all the graffiti while you snicker. He trips along as a hapless adventurer while you guffaw. He leads unwittingly-compliant politicians into wonderfully hilarious moments that even they can't deny. But for all the laughter, the satire, the mischievous moments ... Rick Mercer is deadly serious when it comes to the victimization of young people bullied - often to death - for their sexual orientation.

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It's Thursday, October 27th.

Two Calgary schools are banning scary costumes for Halloween this year.

No scary costumes?! There go any plans to dress up as The World Economy.

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Rick Mercer on Bullying Gay Teens

Long before anyone described Jamie Hubley as troubled -- they described him as a talented athlete, a born performer, a loving child. He was also the only openly gay boy at his Ottawa high school. The fifteen year old endured relentless bullying for years. And earlier this month, he took his life.

It's a death that's enraged Rick Mercer. He's spoken out before against gay bashing, but on his comedy show this week, Rick Mercer stepped outside his own comfort zone. And he's challenging others to do the same.

Here is what he had to say on his show, following Jamie Hubley's death from the The Rick Mercer report Tuesday night.

Rick Mercer is our guest this morning. He was in our Toronto studio.

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