Peter Kent: The Cost of Climate Change

In these tough economic times as Europe struggles and the U.S. fights a partisan fight over its money, numbers released this fall show Canada's economy could take a multi-billion dollar hit if it doesn't work faster to fight climate change. The federally appointed National Roundtable on the Economy says by the end of this decade, the effects of climate change will cost this country's economy $5 Billion dollars a year. Today, the Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent joins us to talk about Ottawa's plans.

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The Cost of Climate Change - Peter Kent

The job of the federal Environment Minister may just be one of the toughest in Canada these days. Earlier this month, the Environment Commissioner was scathing about the ineffectiveness of Ottawa's climate programs and environmental monitoring.

And that came just after The National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, a federally appointed body, warned that without urgent action, climate change could soon cost Canada 10s of billions of dollars a year.

Meanwhile, the outcry is growing over government-endorsed pipelines that would connect the oil sands to the U.S. and Asian markets. A month from now, the world gathers in Durban, South Africa again to develop a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. And the pressure will be on Canada to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

All these condemnations and expectations end up on the desk of Peter Kent, Canada's Environment Minister. He joined us today from Ottawa.

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Well, we've all heard the climate change horror stories. But anyone who's endured the worst moments of a Canadian winter has likely wondered -- even for just a moment -- if global warming is really all bad. The Harrington Brothers of Newfoundland have already made up their minds. We ended this segment with a little of their song: Global Warming.

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