Mail: John Carlos, Milk and Good Samaritans

And it's mail day today. We revisit everything from black power, white milk and disputing the courage of the Good Samaritan. We share some of your thoughts on our stories of the week.

Part Three of The Current


It's time for our weekly look at the mail and our Friday Host Jim Brown joined us from Calgary for a look at your letters.

Dairy Quotas: Monday on The Current, we heard about a proposal to re-think the way the dairy industry works - and the way dairy products are priced - in this country. For more than 40 years, government has helped to stabilize and support the industry by setting dairy prices and quotas - and limiting the amount of foreign milk imported into the country. We spoke to the Vice President of the Dairy Farmers of Canada and the President of the Canadian Restaurant and Food services Association, which has launched a campaign to undo a 40-year-old system of dairy management in Canada. That conversation prompted a lot of responses and we shared some of our listener mail on this.

Occupy Protests: For the second week in a row, you had a lot to say about our discussion with three members of the richest one-per cent of the Canadian population ... the group many people involved in the "Occupy" demonstrations have set their sites on. We spoke to W. Brett Wilson, chair of Canoe Financial and a former Dragon on Dragon's Den, Jocelyn Cote-O'Hara, a businesswoman who has been a CEO and a corporate director on several public and private boards and Terry Campbell, President of the Canadian Bankers' Association. That discussion was broadcast a little over a week ago, but it's still making waves in the mail. So we shared some more feedback on this topic.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: On Monday's program, we looked at the lasting, game-changing impact of the book Our Bodies, Ourselves. The women who wrote it more than 40 years ago, lived in a world of male doctors - ones they say knew very little about women and their bodies. For years, libraries banned it, women hid their copies and critics called it pornographic. But now, nine editions, 25 translations and 4 million copies later, it has changed the way we think about women's health and patients rights. Our discussion about Our Bodies, Ourselves prompted many of you to write in about your own experiences with the book.

Hot Art Update: We have an update for you this morning on a story we brought you last month. Joshua Knellman is the author of Hot Art: Chasing Thieves And Detectives Through The Secret World of Stolen Art. He was on The Current last month and he told us that the romantic image many of us have about art thieves, is actually a myth.

Well one of the people highlighted in that book is Bonnie Czegledi, an international art lawyer. She recently returned from Lyon, France where she represented Canada at the 8th International Symposium on the Theft of and Illicit Traffic in Works of Art, Cultural Property and Antiquities. The meeting was held at the INTERPOL General Secretariat Headquarters. Bonnie Czegledi joined us in our Toronto studio this morning.

Solitary Confinement: The United Nations official who oversees issues of torture wants most forms of solitary confinement to be banned from prisons across the globe. At any given time in Canada, there are an estimated 200 men and women confined to segregation cells for more than 90 days at a time. Last Thursday, we heard a wide range of opinions about when -- and whether -- solitary confinement should be permitted. That discussion prompted a call to our voicemail we wanted to share from a listener in Edmonton.

Good Samaritan: Our next call is in response to our discussion on Friday about the pitfalls, dangers, challenges and rewards of being a good samaritan. Reverend Christopher White from the Fairlawn Avenue United Church in Toronto heard that discussion and called in with some clarification on the Good Samaritan from the bible.

John Carlos: Alongside Tommie Smith, John Carlos made history at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City 43 years ago this month. After winning gold and bronze in the men's 200 metres...the two black American track stars bowed their heads and raised their black-gloved fists in the air in the Black Power the Star-Spangled Banner played at the medal ceremony. Tuesday on The Current John Carlos told us about that moment. Then we heard from a listener in Toronto who was in that packed stadium, she shared her experience.

We do have another Letters segment to fill a week from now. So please - send us more of your thoughts to fill it! We love hearing what you have to say about what you hear on The Current. Contact us here.

Last Word - Movember

Movember begins next week. It's the annual charity when men grow moustaches to raise awareness of male health -- specifically prostate cancer. The last word today goes to The Current's Shannon Higgins. She used to look down her nose at male moustaches. But, she's come to believe there may be such a thing as facial hair discrimination.

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