Evicting the Occupiers

They've got kitchens, medic stations, resource libraries, porta-potties and tents covered with tarps. All of which suggests the Occupy protesters across this country are settling in. And that's leaving others ... unsettled.

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It's Wednesday, October 26th.

After days on public display, Moammar Gaddafi's body has been buried in a secret desert grave.

Wait -- what happened to the traditional funeral rite of being dropped into the sea from an Aircraft carrier?

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Evicting the Occupiers - Panel

The Occupy movement has spread like a tsunami to cities across the globe. But the next wave may bring the forceful removal of many of those occupiers.

We played some tape with the sound of anger in Melbourne, Sydney and San Diego - where protesters were evicted long before they were ready to leave. What to do with the demonstrators and their camps has become an issue in Canada as well.

Yesterday, the mayor of Halifax gave demonstrators until November 6th to relocate from the city's Grande Parade to the Halifax Commons - in order to make way for other planned public events. Residents of Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton also have shown frustration with the ongoing occupations and in Vancouver, the protestors have become an election issue.

Ric McIver is an entrepreneur and former alderman in Calgary who believes the protesters have worn out their welcome. He was in Calgary this morning. Ralph Young is the President and CEO of Melcor Developments Ltd. - a real estate development company that owns the land where the Occupy Edmonton group has set up camp. He was in Edmonton this morning. And Dean Douglas Stoute is the Dean of St. James Anglican Cathedral in Toronto. Occupy Toronto has set up in a park that's jointly owned by the church and the city. Dean Stoute joined us from Ottawa this morning.

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