After the Storm: Documentary

Right now across this country as the weak October light comes through the window, someone who you don't know or someone you know all too well is beginning another day helping the person they love through the day. Thousands of Canadians experience stroke. And their families experience it right along with them. Today, we share the story of Joe. He was 51 when he had a stroke and Shirley the woman who loves him who becomes his caretaker.

Part Two of The Current

After The Storm - Documentary

About every ten minutes in this country, someone endures a terrible medical crisis. Stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada and for the 90 percent of people who survive, their lives are never the same.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation says about 40 percent of stroke survivors are left with moderate to severe impairments. 10 percent are so severely disabled they require long-term care, and their families frequently struggle.

This morning, as part of our Game Changer project, The Current's producer Kristin Nelson brings us a story of one couple forever changed by stroke. Kristin joined Anna Maria in studio to introduce her documentary, After the Storm.

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