Israel Baseball League

Okay so the baseball diamonds pushed up against patches of sunflowers or they were converted soccer fields ... the players signed contracts that they didn't like ... the bats and the baseballs got stuck in customs ... But for one glorious season, a very determined group of athletes brought the Israel Baseball League to life. And as he pitched, Aaron Pribble learned more about mideast politics and himself than he ever expected.

Part Two of The Current

***(This segment only aired in the Atlantic & Eastern Time Zone due to breaking news with the death of Moammar Gadhafi) ***

Israel Baseball - Aaron Pribble

Some big stories on a lot of people's minds this week. The World Series started last night. And the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers 3-2. And of course, there was that massive Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap.

So, here at the Current we decided to try to bring those two stories together. We aired a clip with some sound from the opening day of the Israel Baseball League, carried live on Israeli television. Admittedly, not a big day at the hot dog concession, but an exciting start to a league that lasted -- one season. You didn't have to be Israeli to play in the IBL. Most players weren't Jewish. But for the 45-game, eight-week season, it really was a whole new ballgame. For instance, no Saturday afternoon match-ups.

One of the best pitchers in the league was a Californian named Aaron Pribble. Mr. Pribble has memorialized that year in his book Pitching in the Promised Land: A Story of the First and Only Season in the Israel Baseball League. Aaron Pribble joined us from San Francisco.

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