Shannon Moroney's Story

When the man Shannon Moroney loved brutally attacked two women, she too became a victim. His actions destroyed her relationship and her career but because she was his wife that mattered to no one. Shannon Moroney's experience forces us all to confront, how we as a society and we in the media are quick to extend guilt to the families of the guilty.

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It's Tuesday October 11th.

Two Americans have won this year's nobel prize for economics.

Currently, their $1.5 million in prize money is going directly under a mattress.

This is The Current.

Shannon Moroney's Story

Shannon Moroney's romance was unusual; her marriage catastrophic. Barely a month after her wedding, she was attending an out-of-town conference when she received a knock at her hotel room door. It was the police. Her husband Jason was in custody. He was charged sexual assault and kidnapping. Two women had been brutally raped. And there was no mistake -- her husband had confessed. It was a life shattering moment - a Game Changer for Shannon. She's written about the ordeal in a new book called Through The Glass. Shannon Moroney joined Anna Maria in our studio.

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