Wheat Belly

Many Canadians plan warm buns, stuffing and pie for their Thanksgiving meals. But we speak with a cardiologist who thinks we have no reason to be thankful for any food that contains wheat. William Davis says our daily bread is making us fat and sick.


Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis

We started this segment with sound from Toronto's Hibiscus Cafe. The restaurant prides itself on serving no wheat and no gluten, at all. And spelt and aseene will not be on the table at many Canadian homes this Thanksgiving.

But our guest today thinks it might not be a bad idea. Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He argues that over the last 50 years products made of wheat, such as bread and rolls and dressing, have not only made it harder to button our clothes, they're making us sick as well. His new book is called Wheat Belly. As you might expect, the book is creating buzz, but his theories are unpopular in Canada's prairies.

We heard from a few callers to the CBC program Blue Sky in Saskatchewan. Grain farmers are unimpressed with the premise of Wheat Belly. Dr. William Davis. He joined us today from Milwaukee.

Wheat Belly - Susan Whiting

To get a different perspective on wheat, we were joined by Susan Whiting. She is a nutritionist at the Univeristy of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon... the heart of the Canadian grain belt, no less.

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