One-State Solution

As the Palestinian bid for recognition of full Statehood winds its way through the corridors of the U.N., the Palestinian Prime Minister predicts the will of his people will topple Israel's so-called security barrier in the West Bank. And amidst the calls to properly negotiate a Two-State settlement are the minority voices of an Israeli and a Palestinian who insist they won't get two states so it is time to settle for one.

Part Three of The Current

One-State Solution

We started this segment with how U.S. President Barack Obama characterized the fight over the Palestinian National Authority's bid for statehood. And to some extent, he has a point. Despite the diplomatic battles of the last week, both the Palestinian leadership and the Israeli Government say they are committed to the same goal -- two states existing side-by-side in peace. And yet, the two sides don't seem close to that goal.

So, a handful of Palestinians and Israelis have come to a radical conclusion, saying a two-state solution isn't going to work and that it's time to try something different. They argue a single country shared by both Israelis and Palestinians is a better, or at least a more practical, goal.

Our next two guests both believe that one state may be a preferable solution -- although they came to that conclusion for different reasons and from very different perspectives. Daniel Gavron is an Israeli writer who lives near Jerusalem. And Ali Abunimah is a Palestinian writer and activist who lives in Chicago

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Last Word - Michael Moore

We talked earlier this morning about the Occupation of Wall Street by protestors in New York City. The protest has attracted a number of celebrities -- including perennial Wall street critic -- Michael Moore. Mr. Moore encouraged the protestors and told them he wants to close corporate tax loopholes and arrest more white collar criminals. We ended the program today with film maker Michael Moore predicting that this particular protest may have momentum.

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