Ghosts By Daylight: Janine di Giovanni

For the last twenty years, if there's a war Janine DiGiovanni has been among the first to get there. As a journalist for the Sunday Times of London, she has relentlessly documented the trauma of those caught in conflict. She was always fearless, willing to go anywhere for the story. But then the war followed her home and the ghosts of all she'd seen intruded on marriage and motherhood. She still covers war but not always like she used to. Janine DiGiovanni talks about Love, War and Redemption.

Part Two of The Current

Ghosts By Daylight - Janine di Giovanni

Wherever AK-47s were aimed in anger or graves dug for tragically young casualties, Janine di Giovanni was there. As a war correspondent she reported from the world's battlefields for more than two decades.

While the datelines were often dismal -- Sarajevo, Algeria and the Ivory Coast, her life among the ruins was not all grim. She fell in love with a French war photographer, married and gave birth to a son. She gave up covering humankind at its worst and adopted a settled, comfortable life in Paris.

But if she thought she was done with war, she discovered war was not done with her. Janine di Giovanni's new memoir is called Ghosts by Daylight: Love, War and Redemption. Janine di Giovanni joined us from New York.

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