Victims Rights in Canada: Sharon Rosenfeldt

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It is a life she never anticipated and certainly would not have chosen. And yet because of the inhumane and unjust actions of one man, Sharon Rosenfeldt has spent the last 30 years in pursuit of justice for regular Canadians. She and her late husband created the very idea that Victims of Violence deserved official recognition and help in this country. Today, as terminal illness closes in on Clifford Olsen ... the man who murdered her son and so many others, Sharon Rosenfeldt reflects on fighting for rights.

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                    <p><strong>Victims Rights in Canada -  Sharon Rosenfeldt</strong></p>
                    <p>Back in the early 1980's the airwaves were full of the story of a man whose crimes shocked the country. Daryn Johnsrude was one of Clifford Olson's early victims. The 16 year old was on Spring break in 1981. He'd merely gone out to do some shopping and was never seen alive again. </p>
                    <p>After his body was discovered near Vancouver a few weeks later. The coroner determined he'd been brutalized, tortured really, before he was killed. Clifford Olson has spent nearly thirty years in prison since he confessed to the murders of Daryn  ten other young people. But it's believed he's outside prison walls this morning, still in custody but dying of cancer at a Quebec hospital.</p>
                    <p>                          Sharon Rosenfeldt is Daryn's mother. After her son's murder, she and her late husband Gary dedicated themselves to changing the way victims are treated in the Canadian justice system. They founded the national organization<a href="" target="_blank"><strong> Victims of Violence</strong></a>. In the work they began in their grief, the Rosenfeldt's were <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Game Changers</strong></a> in victims rights in this country. Sharon Rosenfeldt joined us in Ottawa.</p>
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