Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Dan Meridor

The high level meetings and the backroom conversations have reached a fever pitch in New York. But as Palestinians push for UN recognition of statehood, the sounds-on-the-ground that remind us what this is about ... mistrust and wariness, impatience and incredulity on both sides. Much is at stake for those who live on each side of the Israeli-Palestinian divide. Today we talk to Israel's Deputy Premier on his government's objections.

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It's Thursday Sept 22nd.

Two US hikers have been freed from an Iranian prison in return for a bail payment of one million dollars.

Currently, the Greek Finance Minister immediately revealed a new plan to rescue his economy. It begins with a warm invitation to all US hikers to visit Greece.

This is the Current.

Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Dan Meridor

U.S. President Barack Obama took to the podium at the United Nations yesterday to outline his position on the Palestinian Authority's bid for statehood recognition. He is willing to use the U.S. veto but even as Mr. Obama threw the weight of the U.S. directly in the path of the Palestinian bid for full recognition of statehood, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy was urging the UN to at least admit the Palestinian Authority as a non-member state and proposing a one year deadline for the Israeli's and Palestinians to reach what he called a 'definitive agreement'.

Mahmoud Abbas -- the President of the Palestinian National Authority -- is expected to present his request for statehood recognition at the UN tomorrow. And the Israeli government is lobbying hard in the hopes of making sure that bid is rejected. Dan Meridor is Israel's Deputy Prime Minister and Israel's Intelligence Minister. He was in Jerusalem.

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