Acting NDP Leader: Nycole Turmel

She made her name as a formidable negotiator. The first woman to head the giant Public Service Alliance of Canada. Her work on pay equity considered groundbreaking. She's a mother, a grandmother and this week she walked into the House of Commons as the Leader of the Official Opposition. Today we hear from acting NDP leader Nycole Turmel on the Layton Legacy, the Harper agenda and the expectations that surround her.

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It's Wednesday, September 21st.

The Harper government is paying a management consultant firm almost $90,000 a day - $20 million overall - for advice on how to balance the books by 2014.

Currently, the firm says the first thing the government should do is get into management consulting.

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Acting NDP Leader - Nycole Turmel

We started this segment with a clip from Nycole Turmel speaking during Question Period yesterday ... her second day in the House of Commons as acting leader of the official opposition. The day before, party leaders had all stood to pay their respects to her predecessor, Jack Layton, the former leader of the NDP.

When Ms. Turmel glances at Mr. Layton's vacant seat, she must feel more than sorrow. His death left her with great responsibilities. She was elected to Parliament less than five months ago, and now, she's the one in charge. As interim leader of the NDP, she'll be at the helm until March, when the party will hold a convention to elect a more permanent man or woman to lead. Until then, Ms. Turmel will have to keep a large caucus united, hold the government to account, and bring a group of rookie MPs up to speed.

Nycole Turmel is the Acting Leader of the official opposition and a NDP MP for Hull-Aylmer. This morning she was in Ottawa.

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