Game Changer: Tzeporah Berman


As a leader in the fight to save BC's Claqouot Sound, environmentalists rallied around her while government and corporate officials called her an eco-terrorist. And then Tzeporah Berman did the unthinkable. She negotiated with the very companies she once vilified, securing groundbreaking deals to save Old Growth Forests. Now some environmentalists consider her a sellout. Today we talk to the woman credited with changing Environmental Politics in Canada.

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Part Three of The Current

Game Changer: Tzeporah Berman

We started this segment with the sounds of the early 1990s ... protesters demonstrating against the clear cutting of old growth forest in Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound. They sat on the roads to prevent the logging trucks from accessing the forest. And they forced the Mounties to drag them out. The 1993 demonstrations were the largest civil disobedience action in Canadian history.

Preserving Clayoquot Sound was a Game Changer for Canada's environmental movement, and it was where Tzeporah Berman cut her teeth as an activist. She has since been a leader with Greenpeace and founded groups like ForestEthics and PowerUp Canada. She was named one of the 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World by the Utne Reader, and she's currently the co-director of the Global Climate and Energy Program with Greenpeace International in Amsterdam.

Tzeporah Berman is also the author of a new memoir called This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge. And as part of our Game Changer project, Tzeporah Berman joined us in Toronto.

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Not so any more. The political leadership is now in the hands of a Harvard-educated exile trying to sustain the freedom movement in Tibet. In anticipation of that conversation, we gave today's last word to Lobsang Sangay.

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