Immigrant Hiring Incentives

Ontario's Liberal Party suggests a tax credit for employers who hire new immigrants. It's often difficult for new arrivals to get Canadian work experience. But critics dislike the idea...calling it preferential treatment, especially when there are so many people out of work.

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Immigrant Hiring Tax Incentives

We started this segment with Katrina Chen, Thai Ly and Li Quan ... new immigrants to Canada talking about their search for work. It is likely to be quite difficult - since one of the toughest things about emigrating to a new country is finding that elusive first job.

Statistics show newcomers are much more likely than long time residents to be unemployed. Ontario's Liberal government made an election campaign promise to help people like Li and Thai and Katrina.

The party proposed a tax incentive to small and medium sized companies that hire new immigrants. Suddenly, an issue that wasn't even on the table before the election was called became volatile.We heard a little of the political sparring over new immigrant employment in Ontario from Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, followed by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

But even outside Ontario, this remains a hot issue. Joining me now are two people with first-hand experience of trying to convince a potential employer to take a chance on a newcomer. Yudhvir Jaswal came to Canada from India... a mechanical engineer by trade but he's now chief editor and CEO of South Asian
And Nick Noorani was a marketing and advertising professional, born in India, working in Dubai, when he came to Canada. He's the founder of the Canadian Immigrant magazine. He now runs a company called Destination Canada.
Both were in Toronto.

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