The Haqqani Network

Jalaluddin Haqqani and the fighters in his so-called Haqqani Network are believed to behind that spectacular and deadly siege that rocked Kabul for 20 long and frightening hours this week throwing the security of the Afghan capital and the strength of NATO and Afghan forces into doubt. Today we're asking Who He Is.

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Haqqani Network - Suleman Kakar

We started this segment with the sound of NATO security forces in Afghanistan returning fire after a stunning attack in Kabul on Tuesday. Anyone believing the insurgency was confined to the countryside received an awful shock as six attackers climbed a half-built apartment building downtown.

Kabul came to a standstill as they launched rocket propelled grenades at the Presidential Palace and the U.S. Embassy. Well-stocked with ammunition and aided by other fighters in the city, they held out for 20 long hours.

Eventually, police gained control and dragged the mangled bodies of the insurgents out of the complex. Four other suicide bombers who had targeted police buildings elsewhere in the city, also lay dead. But the damage they left behind was severe. Eleven civilians -- including six children -- died, as well as five Afghan police officers. And an already tense capital learned how vulnerable it still is.

Suleman Kakar was at work a couple of kilometres away when the attacks began. He's the managing director of a Kabul-based think tank. He was in Kabul.

Haqqani Network - Patricia DeGennaro

The group blamed for the 20-hour siege in Kabul is known as The Haqqani Network ... a group Western diplomats believe is closely allied with the Taliban and even a strategic asset of Pakistan's military.

To tell us more about this little known group, we reached Patricia DeGennaro, a Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute and a professor of International Security at New York University. Patricia DeGennaro joined us from New York City.

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