Game Changer: Peter Lougheed


It was in the 60s under the Social Credit government of Ernest Manning that the excavation began. Oil was three bucks a barrel, far less than it cost to get at that bitumen. It would be another provincial premier who ramped up development ... Peter Lougheed's vision for Alberta's massive energy reserves changed the face of federal and provincial politics in this country . And today as we look at Game Changers in Alberta, we talk to Peter Lougheed about growth in the oil and gas sector in Alberta.

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It's Tuesday, September 13th.

US President Barack Obama unveiled a $450 billion plan to create jobs.

Otherwise known as a $450 billion plan to save HIS job.

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Game Changer: Peter Lougheed

Door to door... Peter Lougheed's campaign style was original and bold, and pretty folksy for a man who would soon transform Canadian politics. Sometimes he handed out roses to potential supporters. And he crossed the province in a campaign bus -- quite a novel idea at the time. A reporter who came along for the ride found it unusual -- and suspected Lougheed found it a little odd as well.

Lougheed also tried to appeal to younger voters. Those twenty-something kids would be in their sixties now. But the wailing guitars of the 70s and the occasional go- go dancer may have helped turn the Social Credit tide.

Peter Lougheed was premier of Alberta from 1971 to 1985. The Progressive Conservatives have continued to form the province's government ever since... that's 40 years. He was in our Calgary studio.

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