Ted Morton & Freedom of Information

News that leadership contender Ted Morton used a second and not easily identifiable email address to conduct government business while in cabinet has come out. We bring you the latest turns on that story with the question of emails and identities.

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It's Monday, September 12th.

Interpol has issued arrest warrants for Moammar Gadhafi, his son and Libya's ex-head of military intelligence.

Currently, the question remains: How long can Ka-Daffy Duck? (pause ... Hit Looney Tunes Music) That's All Folks!

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Ted Morton & Freedom of Information - Charles Rusnell

Ted Morton will be the most prominent name on the ballot next weekend, when Alberta's Progressive Conservative Party members vote to elect a successor to party leader and Premier Ed Stelmach.

But the name Frederick Lee has been attracting a lot of attention over the past few days. Frederick and Lee are Ted Morton's given first and second names and they are the names that appear on a government email address that Mr. Morton used when he was Alberta's Minister of Sustainable Resource Development. It wasn't his official e-mail address, but Mr. Morton does seem to have used it to conduct official business. And that's raised a lot of questions.

Michel Drapeau is an Ottawa lawyer who specializes in freedom of information law. And he's not the only one asking questions about Ted Morton's use of a second government email account listed under the name Frederick Lee. Alberta's Information and Privacy Commissioner has now launched an investigation to determine whether he ran afoul of the law governing government transparency.

Charles Rusnell is the CBC reporter who broke this story. He joined us from our Edmonton studio.

Ted Morton & Freedom of Information - Ryan Sparrow

Ryan Sparrow is a spokesperson for Ted Morton's provincial leadership campaign and the Vice President of Crestview Strategy. He was in Edmonton.

Ted Morton & Freedom of Information - Warren Kinsella

Ted Morton says this practice of using a second email account is common among our politicians - including at the federal level. For some perspective, we were joined by Warren Kinsella. He is a long-time Liberal strategist who has worked with many federal politicians and he was in Toronto today.

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