The Mechanics of the Game Changer

From revolutionizing a sport to mobilizing a nation --meet high-jumping innovator Dick Fosbury, publishing mobilizer Nicole Rycroft and Hal Gregersen, author of The Innovator's DNA -- three people who transformed the world we live in. They didn't see things the way others did, didn't accept the status quo, or just didn't know any better. We kick off a new project about the people, inventions and ideas that changed the world and we start with a lesson in human kinetics.

Part Two of The Current

The Mechanics of the Game Changer

Every innovation begins with a spark of inspiration... someone who's able to look at the status quo from an untested angle, question it, and then dream up a plan that will radically change that status quo.

It's these inspired people who change the game - visionaries who grab hold of an idea and run with it chart a new course for the rest of us to follow.

Throughout this season The Current is featuring those game changers. And we're kicking off our special feature with a bit of a primer with a little anatomy lesson - the mechanics of the Game Changer.

The Current in Calgary

The Current is heading to Calgary. And if you live there, we want you to join our studio audience as we explore the reasons behind 40 years of uninterrupted Progressive Conservative rule in Alberta. Mayor Naheed Nenshi and former Senator Ron Ghitter will be there.

Come join our conversation, Sunday September 11th at 2pm at CBC Calgary. To reserve your spot email

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