Feature Interview: Olivia Chow

Jack Layton shook up Canadian politics with an electoral record-breaker for the NDP ... and then with his sudden death and the subsequent outpouring of affection. In life and in death Jack Layton changed a few games for his party and for the country. Today, we talk to the woman who knew him best, his political and life partner Olivia Chow, about the extraordinary events surrounding Jack Layton's death and her plans for the future.

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It's Tuesday September 6th.

Representatives of former Libyan dictator Muammar Ghadafi were in Beijing in July trying to buy weapons from the Chinese military.

Currently ... The deal apparently fell through because, ironically, there wasn't enough lead in these Chinese exports.

This is the Current.

Feature Interview: Olivia Chow

Jack Layton's death sparked a very public outpouring of grief and loss. But for Olivia Chow, it was as personal and private as a moment can be. Olivia Chow is Jack Layton's widow, and the NDP MP for the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina. She joined us in our Toronto. studio.

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